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Handle the needs of a modern classroom

Easily record students' grades, take attendance and evaluate students' behavior.

Share data with other teachers

Create active teachers’ communities, share data, evaluate and support students together.

Safe, always accessible

Cloud based, synced browser and iOS versions. Never loose data, access anywhere, anytime!

Effectively manage school’s processes

Come up with a Student Information System created by your teachers’ community interaction.



Manage as many classes and students as you want and visualize your classrooms’ seating plan. Dynamically schedule your timetable. Record students’ behavior info, absences and grades. Share records with your colleagues. Keep your data synched, secure and accessible from any device. Make the most out of your data through comprehensive reports.


Create from scratch a multifunctional, user-friendly School Information System. Create your school data model, assign roles and access rights, and handle your daily administrative tasks. Get connected with parents and produce useful reports. Already have a School Information System? Make the most of it by integrating with Classpartoo and take advantage of teachers’ daily records and activities.

Upcoming features

We have many more features on the way, so be sure to stay tuned!